Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Break time!

In talking to a friend this morning, I confided in her that I am not really feeling the blogging thing right now.  I haven't really gotten into taking photos yet for the spring, and it doesn't really seem like people are overly interested in reading just words... so what's a girl to do when words are the only way to express myself?

Well, this girl has decided to take a blogging break.  I still plan to read and hopefully comment on all my favorite blogs, but I need a time to work on other writing projects that I have in my head that are just for me right now.  Sometimes I think of things I want to write about on here, but then I think, "I could have just written that in my journal."  So, I'm taking a break.  I'm not giving myself any set time to be away, and I might actually write on here and save them for a later date, but I just don't want to post anything. 

I might even delete what I already have on the blog and revamp completely.  I don't really want to get rid of the stuff, but I'd like to compile my posts somewhere, like a book (just for me).  Has anyone ever done that?  Does anyone have suggestions on where I would go to do that?

So, hopefully I'll be back someday soon with a new and improved blog.  Until then, keep writing so I can keep reading.  :-)

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  1. I have found that when things get busy, blogging is the one thing that suffers. Both writing and reading. I know I haven't visited too many blogs lately.

    Blurb is a place where you can compile your blog posts into a book. I've never made one with them, but I know others that have and are happy with their books.

    Enjoy your break! I hope you get lots of writing done!


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