Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Break time!

In talking to a friend this morning, I confided in her that I am not really feeling the blogging thing right now.  I haven't really gotten into taking photos yet for the spring, and it doesn't really seem like people are overly interested in reading just words... so what's a girl to do when words are the only way to express myself?

Well, this girl has decided to take a blogging break.  I still plan to read and hopefully comment on all my favorite blogs, but I need a time to work on other writing projects that I have in my head that are just for me right now.  Sometimes I think of things I want to write about on here, but then I think, "I could have just written that in my journal."  So, I'm taking a break.  I'm not giving myself any set time to be away, and I might actually write on here and save them for a later date, but I just don't want to post anything. 

I might even delete what I already have on the blog and revamp completely.  I don't really want to get rid of the stuff, but I'd like to compile my posts somewhere, like a book (just for me).  Has anyone ever done that?  Does anyone have suggestions on where I would go to do that?

So, hopefully I'll be back someday soon with a new and improved blog.  Until then, keep writing so I can keep reading.  :-)

Monday, April 14, 2014

Memories Made

Sunday was the final performance of our show, "The Choice."  It was probably our best show of the three and I really think the audience enjoyed it.  I'll be the first one to admit that sometimes Jesus plays can get a little tired, and when I first watched a version of the show on YouTube I thought, "oh brother... this is corny," but in the end our cast did a fantastic job of making the show the best it could be and there were some really powerful moments.

Every actor wants to have a big role in a show, but I have to say that I really enjoyed being in the ensemble for this show.  The music was beautifully arranged and it was great to get to experiment with learning more harmony (which as a soprano I'm not the greatest at) and really stretch my comfort level as a singer.

Creating memories with my cast-mates is one of my favorite parts of being in a play or musical.  Matt and I made a new friend in a guy we'll call J. who started riding with us at the beginning of the rehearsal process.  He was really shy and quiet when we first started picking him up, but we kept trying and now he and Matt are really close.  It's very entertaining to watch those two interact and I have to say that I'm glad to see Matt with another guy friend.  As we age our friends sometimes move on to other places or phases in life, and it's great to see God providing for us and filling the gaps.

I have learned in the past year and a half with this company that while there seems to be a core continent that is part of every show, I am still meeting new people with every show that I do, and by the end of the performance we are all close.  I will even hug people, which if you know me is not my thing.  One of the greatest photos from our cast party is one of the girls giving us a "hug"... our expressions say it all.

Photo compliments of Matt's camera.

One of the greatest things I heard was after the show.  We were dropping off J. who played Judas in our show and some of the kids from the show who apparently live close by suddenly ran up to our car.  One of the little boys yelled back to his mom, "Hey mom!  It's Lazarus and Judas and Mama Bear!"  LOL!!  Oh when world's collide.  I was technically Mary Magdalene in this play, but no one ever actually called me that, so it was funny to realize that I will forever be Mama Bear to these kids, and I'm okay with that.  If I never become an actual mama, I'll fulfill my role in another way.

Speaking of the kids, I am blown away by the kids in this show.  They are all so talented!  We had three different children sing a solo (one each performance) about the feeding of the 5000.  Each kid absolutely NAILED IT.  I was in awe of their abilities.  When I was their age, I would have been scared out of my mind to even open my mouth in front of people to sing... I still am sometimes.  "Godspell" was the most nerve-wracking experience of my life.  These kids put me to shame.

I still think I need a break from theatre for awhile.  I realized the other day that since last January (2013) I have only had about 1 month in between shows and although that's awesome, I do feel a little burned out.

Withdrawal will be setting in soon, I'm sure.  It hasn't quite hit me that it's over yet, so I'm sure I'll be crying in my living room in a few days when I realize I won't get to see these people again for a long time... pray for me that I find enough to keep me busy that withdrawal will be easier for me this time around.

Friday, April 11, 2014

On Opening Night and Other Things

I’ve been trying to write a post for awhile now, but every time, they just don’t sound right.  I guess I have a bit of writer’s block.  There’s been a lot going on around here the past couple of weeks, and it’s hard to put it all together into a post that sounds even halfway coherent.

My Facebook hiatus is over.  I went 40 days without posting more than 2 advertisements for shows I was doing and one about my cat when she died.  That’s pretty good for 40 days.  Since then, I have more than made up for it in posts!  LOL!  It’s fine though.  I’m not stressed out about Facebook anymore, and that was the ultimate goal.  I was just feeling like I was taking the whole social media thing a little too seriously and becoming emotional invested in some of the drama of others, when I really had nothing to do with it.  I needed the break to remind myself that my life does not need to revolve around the lives of others.  The break helped clear my head, focus my attention on other things that should have been more important to me and over all just help me to relax.  Even though I was not 100% perfect on staying completely off of Facebook, especially toward the end, I would still consider my break a success.  I might even take another hiatus in the future, although next time I’m not going to tell anyone.  It got to be a pain having people say things like, “I thought you were off Facebook.  How did you know about that?”  For the record, there are other ways to get information.  

Let’s see, what else is going on?  Oh yeah.  I had bronchitis, which you knew about.  I’ve only had bronchitis one other time before, and this bout was just as bad as the first time, although this time there was the added bonus of me being crazy busy with theatre and not being able to just relax.  Luckily, I got some meds that, even though it gave me some weird side effects, seems to have cleared me up just in time to perform this weekend.

That brings me to the next happening in my life… the show.  The theatre company I work with, which is a Christian-based company even though it does not do strictly religious theatre, is performing a musical called “The Choice” this weekend.  Some people are calling it more of an Easter cantata, because it doesn’t have quite the same feel as a traditional Broadway-style musical, being much more choral-based and not having tons of “leading actor” time.  It’s a really great show for the music.  It’s also not just the Jesus story.  There is a love story woven in, too, which is sweet, even if not written exceptionally well.  We have been practicing for this weekend since the end of January and I can’t believe it is finally opening night!  I’m in the chorus, which is a fantastic role, to be honest.  I get all the stage time without much of the responsibility of a lead.  Yes, every actor/actress wants a lead, but after you get over that disappointment and get into the rehearsals, you start to think that this chorus thing isn’t too shabby.  At least that’s me.

I’ll leave the gushing about my cast-mates until after the show, but they are pretty awesome.  I’m really excited about after the show tonight, because the cast party is happening and that is always a great time just to chill out with everyone and eat, drink, and laugh.  The cast party is really why I do theatre.  LOL!  No, not really.    

Okay, I’m off in search of a newspaper to find the review.  I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and if you live in my town, you should definitely come out to “The Choice”.  It’s a great message and awesome music and great talent.  I’ve heard about 100 times that my best friend has “the voice of an angel,” which is ironic since he plays the angel at the tomb… so, there’s that. 

Happy Friday!

Friday, April 4, 2014

The Storm

Well, I officially have bronchitis, which now comes with a regimen of pills, an antibiotic, AND an inhaler.  Woo. Hoo.  After feeling like I might be getting better, only to feel worse again the next day all week long, I finally took myself to walk-in clinic today.  The doctor there looked at me for all of two seconds to tell me I had bronchitis and a sinus infection.  I'm a little skeptical, considering he really barely looked at me, but I guess they've probably seen it enough this year to know it when they see it.

I am just thankful that I am now on something and hopefully this cycle of sickness over the last few weeks will be over soon.  I seem to have missed the flu, but instead got a nasty stomach bug a few weeks ago and now this.  Sheesh, I think I would have preferred one round of flu.  All three of us carpoolers have now had this, two of us actually diagnosed.  I think we need to wash down the inside of the car to prevent this from continuing to happen.  It is a breeding ground for germs!

Along with this lovely diagnosis, tonight also starts our first dress rehearsal for the show we're doing.  I hope it goes well, but I'm anticipating some stress because it's our first time in costumes, makeup, moving the sets on this new stage, lighting, microphones... lots of things to get used to.  I'm sure it will be a slow process.

So I am praying that all goes well and I don't end up in a heap on the dressing room floor, hiding from the director.  Trust me, that just may happen.

I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned!!  Is it spring yet where you are?

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

The Good with the Bad

Ugh.  I have been sick for the last two days.  It started Sunday when I woke up with a curiously hoarse voice and a tightness in my chest.  I drank some coffee and it seemed to get better, so I chalked it up to weather change and allergies.

Monday morning, however, I woke up to my alarm only to turn it off, text my boss that I was taking a sick day, and go back to bed.  I felt like a train and run over me.  By mid-day, though, I felt better and thought I could maybe make it through load-in for the play if I just did some mild projects and no heavy lifting.  I made it through that fine and thought the sickness from earlier in the day might have just been an isolated incident.  No luck.  I woke up this morning feeling worse than yesterday.  This time, I took some Nyquil and slept until 11:00 and I haven't done anything productive since.

Aside from that, life is pretty good.  Our show is coming together beautifully.  I finally worked out the awkwardness of the angel at the tomb scene simply by kneeling down instead of just standing.  It's funny how the littlest change can make a person feel much more comfortable.  Maybe it's imperceptible to everyone else, but to me, it makes all the difference.

Rehearsals have actually been rather enjoyable these last few days.  Sometimes when we get to this stage there are more frustrations than there are good times, but aside from some minor issues that need to be addressed, this has been a fairly stress free show.  The thing that has been really fun about the last few weeks of rehearsals has been seeing the relationships between our cast develop.  My friend M and I have been picking up another cast member for rehearsals since the beginning, but it's only been recently that he's really started to warm up to us and it has been really fun getting to see his real personality come out and watch a friendship develop between him and M.  Of course, I would consider us friends now also, but it's obviously a different friendship than between the two guys.  I know I work with men everyday, but it's interesting to watch a real friendship between two guys.  They are so mean to each other but then are laughing about it two seconds later.  They'll put each other in headlocks, but then are sharing stupid youtube videos with each other then next minute.  Men are weird... but incredibly funny.  I can't tell you how excited I am for our cast party on the Friday after the show.  That might be my favorite time.  We all can just hang out and have fun together without any scenes getting in the way.  Lol!

So, a little bad with a lot of good right now.  How's your week been starting out?

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend Randoms

-Obviously, I am not doing well with photos lately, so sorry that these posts are all words and no pictures.  I know it's more appealing to "read" blogs with pictures.  I just haven't been in the mood lately and I think it's safe to say that I dropped the ball on my Project 52.  Oh well, I tried for a little while, I guess.

-Even though I haven't been 100% on the whole Facebook hiatus thing, I did one major thing today that came as a result of the hiatus.  I deleted all the games I play on there except one.  I have had absolutely no interest in continuing to play those games, so this morning I deleted them.  That should cut down on a huge time waster when my hiatus is over soon.

-The Oscar Wilde play was fantastic, in case you were wondering.  I love that there is a company in my little down that is willing to do this kind of show.  For some reason, the theatres around here have always focused on musicals, which are the most entertaining for the widest audience, and I do enjoy them, but it's nice to get a little different culture.  I was a little worried that the two friends who went with me wouldn't enjoy themselves, but I think they did, despite it not being their cup of tea.  One of my friends and I even had a pretty lengthy discussion about it afterwards, which was a stellar indication that the cast did a fantastic job of making the show accessible and interesting to the audience.

-I jogged for a total of 22 mins without stopping yesterday!  This is a new personal best for me and I'm so excited that I'm actually achieving a goal this time around.  I may not be the fastest runner, but I'm increasing my stamina, which is probably helping with my lung capacity, which may eventually help with my singing... so full circle.  I am not out to win races, just to improve my health.  Bonus is that when I stepped on the scale once last week, I was at a weight I haven't been at since the beginning of college!  Now, I'm sure that's going to fluctuate, but that was pretty exciting to see.

-I'm a little nervous about the prospect of getting the strep throat that's been going around lately around here... the show is on in two weeks, and I woke up today with a tight chest and a hoarse voice.  Not good.  At least if I get it now, maybe it'll be gone by show time, but I can't miss practices at this point and I don't want to feel exhausted.  So I'm praying that the sickness stays away from me.

Sorry for another random bullet-point type post.  That's what my life has boiled down to these days.  Have a great week everyone!  I think it might finally start to warm up this week... despite the evil snow that is on the ground today.  AHHH!

Saturday, March 29, 2014

Lovin' Life

As much as I want to meet my future husband sometime in the near future, there are times in my life where God reminds me how good I have it right now.  While out with some friends this week, they all started talking about how early they go to bed.  Now, many of these women have kids so I totally understand that, and I'm not saying people get more tired when they're married (I don't know, maybe they do).  Just listening to them talk, though, made me think about how different my life is from theirs.  Then at the same moment I thought, "I'm okay with that."

It's very rare that I go to bed before 11:00, because I often don't even see my house from early in the morning until 10:00 at night.  I am almost always on the go, and even though it can be quite exhausting, I'm not sure if I'm ready for it to end.  I hope that it doesn't have to end just because I get married, because I'm hoping that God sends me a husband who likes to do some of the same things I like to do.  I love being at home, but I also like to be with people and if I had to choose between sitting alone at home and doing something out on the town, I'd pick the latter.  

You don't even understand how oddly excited I get when I have weekend plans.  Usually, I have to take a day on the weekends to just get caught up from my crazy theatre schedule (today is no different.  I'm avoiding doing my laundry and sweeping my floors as we speak).  Tonight, I get to go see an Oscar Wilde play at a local art gallery, and I could not be more excited.  Side note: You also don't understand how weird that sentence looks for a small town like mine.  Oscar Wilde play and local art gallery are not two things that usually go into weekend planning around here.  Best friends, good food, and one of my favorite playwrights, what could be better?  If you answered "nothing", we should be best friends, too!

So, all this is to say that while I desire marriage and I do have many a moment of being sad that I don't have that in my life, I do want you to understand that I love my life.  I love having lots of friends (I actually wish I had more) I love going out.  I love traveling.  I love theatre.